Data Basics: Why staff # is important

When someone comes and enquired about a list of companies, we often start off with asking three questions:

  1. What location would you like to target?
  2. What industries would you like to target?
  3. How large are the businesses you would like to target?

Now for this last question, at whoiswhere we use the number of staff as a proxy. The reason for this is because in NZ there isn’t a legal requirement to report revenue as in some other countries. So while we do have financial data for some companies, for the vast majority we’re in the dark.

This is where the number of staff comes in as a shining beacon of hope to gauge the size of a business. The number of staff can be used as a proxy to estimate turnover of a business based on their industry. Reputable data providers in NZ will be recording the number of staff per business specifically for this purpose.

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