Data Services

whoiswhere may be a business list provider, but we also have a number of data services that we offer. From making sure your list is clean, new data, market sizing and marketing services.

Everyone in business knows the most valuable item in a business is the list of customers. But what happens if 30-50% of that list is incorrect. Or if the list represents only 60% of the possible buyers?

These are just a couple of the issues we can help you with.

whoiswhere™ is the leading New Zealand business database provider. Over the past decade we have built a solid list of companies primarily located in commercial premises. We are truly proud to say it is the most accurate your money can buy.  This is because we put real hard yards in maintaining this data: from initial street walking to research and then making personal phone call to companies to check their details … often back to research again.

It is also the largest verified in NZ with over 220,000 business locations. And to top it off we estimate coverage of CBD areas to be at 85%.

So when you work with us you can be assured of two things:

  1.  Our data is the most accurate on the market. Ask us about how we achieve this and about our accuracy guarantee.
  2. You will not find better coverage of commercial premises. That means when you buy a list from us, you will have 85% or more of your target market.

In additional whoiswhere boasts New Zealand’s widest targeting options. The three main ones are location, industry and size (by staff). However there is plenty of additional options. For example, with locations you are able to choose as specifically as by building if you wanted to.

Engaging whoiswhere team you get access to a number of data services :

  1.  Data Cleaning

    You send us your list of customers, we de-duplicate against our database and then send you an indication of how much you are missing. On average this can add anywhere from 8-43% of new businesses, while removing as much as 50% of duplicates.

  2. Lists of businesses from marketing database

    This is popular among new companies and businesses looking to target a new market. We have a range of options to choose from to minimise your cost. From mailing lists, to telemarketing and email, we have it all.

  3. Market Sizing Consult

    Over the years we’ve developed a knack for pinpointing what markets businesses can target with their products. If you feel like you’re not too sure, have one of our experts help you out. We can do it over the phone and it takes less than an hour.

  4. Marketing Services

    Behind the whoiswheredatabase stands Smarketing Lab, a boutique B2B marketing implementation company. Smarketing Lab specialises on getting on with delivering marketing services to help you grow your business and set it up for future success. Learn more about what the Smarketing Lab team can do for you.