Lead Generation

Lead Generation on the phone is one of the most effective direct marketing techniques for B2B in NZ.

It’s fast and comparatively cost-effective. You get results within the first 24 hours.

We specialise in B2B lead generation in NZ. This is how it works:

  1. Our experienced callers reach out to businesses in your target market on your behalf. The purpose of the call is to engage and secure appointments/any alternative result for your business.
  2. Our ultimate aim is to identify prospects that are interested in your product or service today or in the future.

Lead Generation in NZ is so powerful because it puts you right in front of someone who is interested in your products and services today. It also lets you build out a funnel of future prospects. Every phone call delivers a result. Even when the result is negative you can learn something from every conversation.

Learn more about how we approach lead generation and why this matters on this page.

What Results Can You Expect?

A 10% success rate is an industry standard which we start from.

Our current average success rate is 23% across all campaigns; our lowest success rate is 6% and the highest we have ever had is a 72% success rate.

What can impact the success rate? Many factors – from the reputation of your company to how attractive your offer is. That’s why as part of the campaign set up we have a separate conversation about “What success looks like for you?”

While many businesses think that an appointment or other immediate action is the only positive result possible, we ask you to consider how you act in an everyday situation. All of us come across opportunities all the time. Do we always act? Let’s be honest, definitely not.

Other People Are a Bit Like You

and what that means for your lead generation campaign​

Have you ever been in a position when you cannot buy something you like right now? Personally or professionally. Why? You liked it, you needed it, you wanted it, yet, it could be a lack of head space, a lack of resources, a lack of money. Many factors can hold you back from making a buying decision right now.

Many people and businesses around us are in the same position. They are busy, and resources are often pre-committed. So even when they like what you have, not everyone is able to act now. Is there a solution?

Yes, you must recognise that prospects come in two forms

  1. requests for more information (60%-90%)
  2. requests for meetings or something else you want to happen (10%-40%)

Our Triple Guarantee for Peace of Mind

A well-targeted list is one of the crucial elements for lead generation success. The better the targeting, the less calling needs to be done and the better results can be achieved.

Did you know that E-ideas Limited owns New Zealand’s most verified business database whoiswhere™? So, you get to benefit from the quality of our lists, our knowledge and our expertise.

Our team has many mature and experienced New Zealanders with clear voices. They all can hold a variety of conversations, instead of being bound by the script. Each campaign is assigned a caller which means they can really get to know the script and how to get the most results

You will receive a preliminary indication of how your campaign is going within 48 hours of when it begins. You will also receive weekly reports. If we see a campaign isn’t performing well, we’ll pause it and review before proceeding further.

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