While Everyone Is Boasting About The Accuracy Of Their Data whoiswhere™ Can Tell You Exactly How We Achieve It

Ask any B2B data provider how they keep their data accurate and you’ll be met with a flurry of responses that won’t really mean much. For E-ideas Limited vague responses won’t work. We use our own whoiswhere™ data to create profitable marketing campaigns for clients. And that is why our data has to be the most accurate possible.

Celebrating 10 years on the market, we reveal to the world how whoiswhere™ data is kept accurate. No other B2B data company fully explains how they verify data. We have developed a three step data verification process to guarantee whoiswhere™ data accuracy.

Step 1: The boring bit
-ideas started collecting raw data in 2005 for the whoiswhere™ database. And since then, our prime source of data comes from walking streets. This incredibly tedious and menial job is realistically the only way to gather data. Because only on the street it is clear if a business is open or shut for good.

TIP: In case you choose to walk the streets yourself in search of clients, be careful of missing street numbers. You’d be surprised by how many are!

Step 2: The tedious bit
Information gathered from the streets undergoes rigorous online research. Almost 100 sources are used to enrich the data from streets with often hard to find information.

TIP: Be careful when doing research online. After more than 100,000 hours of research, we’ve found 37.5% of online data to be incorrect. This is because of incorrect information listed on websites and closed companies still shown online.

Step 3: The expensive bit
The final, mandatory, and most expensive step is checking data on the phone. Connecting with businesses in person adds a lot of value to data. Often times this is the only way to increase data accuracy. And this is precisely what puts whoiswhere™ data head and shoulders above the competition.

TIP: Sometimes businesses aren’t fully open to sharing their information – we respect that. However most businesses understand the value of direct marketing and know that one day they may enjoy using accurate whoiswhere™ data.

So there you have it, our three step verification process for the world to see. Business is about connecting people. Which is why our information is verified not by programs scrolling the net (with a 37.5% error rate), but by real people.

Your database is likely the most valuable asset your business owns. So as long as NZ business data is changing at a staggering rate of 2-6% per month, you have to look at ways to keep your data accurate.

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