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whoiswhere™ started in 2005 as a marketing database NZ with intention to create a New Zealand business database at a new level of accuracy and completeness. We came up with a triple verification process and the desire to capture as many businesses as possible. As a result, today we have over 220,000 phone verified business locations in New Zealand and over 1,000,000 in Australia.

Businesses of all sizes use lists from marketing database of NZ whoiswhere™ for direct marketing campaigns – direct mail, telemarketing and email marketing. The easiest way to get started is to get in touch and be ready with three key elements – location, number of staff and industry.

Our skilled team will guide you through the rest and ask any additional questions to fulfill your request. We’ll then suggest the best solution based on what you are trying to achieve, making sure that the data we supply supports your marketing.

Click through to get in touch right away. We provide a prompt count and quote for a marketing database NZ of your choice.

There is no minimal purchase and our pricing is simple and straightforward.


whoiswhere™ was created in 2005 because good marketing database was hard to find in both NZ and Australia.  We started from walking the streets … Read More

Learn more about what kind of data you can get, because we invest a lot to speak to businesses every day. 

Because businesses constantly change, 100% accuracy is impossible. The key to achieving accuracy comes from a frequent and robust process. We’ve built our triple-verification process to ensure a high degree of accuracy while  capturing minute changes.

Having 210,000+ businesses listed in our database, whoiswhere is the largest commercial database of NZ businesses. Knowing as close to 100% of your target market as possible ensures better decision making and marketing outcomes.

The depth of whoiswhere data increases every year as we pick up additional information about businesses. This allows for more precise segmentation and ultimately – targeting. Sometimes it’s small things like being able to differentiate between a head office and a branch, and sometimes it’s knowing if the company has a fleet manager for example. Ask us if you have some tricky requirements!

Clever sales and marketing professionals use the location-based marketing database NZ to get accurate B2B lists from whoiswhere for research, target market analysis, prospecting, lead generation, direct marketing and sales. whoiswhere data is owned and managed by E-ideas Limited. 80% of whoiswhere data was initially collected by walking the streets. All data undergoes a QA verification process, which includes online research and mandatory phone verification.

whoiswhere™ is owned by E-ideas Limited. We work with businesses of all sizes to assist them with successful implementation of direct marketing and lead generation campaigns.

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Marketing Database NZ

Targeting correctly makes a massive difference. Misunderstanding the size of the target market can lead to disappointment and loss of business.

When you are doing financial projections, planning a marketing campaign or just dreaming up your new business in the B2B space, call +64 4 977 7877 to learn the reality of NZ market beyond the statistical information you can get elsewhere.


Since 2017 whoiswhere has supplied data for Kompass, an international cloud based B2B portal. Over 27,000 head-offices from NZ and over 20,000 from Australia are now accessible online.Data is regularly updated and has details of up to 5 senior executives in larger companies.

Who can benefit more from access to Kompass data? Everyone targeting companies with 9+ staff.

Lead Generation

The list is the start of something big. Typically the list is the start of a marketing campaign via phone, mail or email.

While we are happy to supply just the list, over the years we have spotted that some companies lack the time, expertise, or man power to execute.

Here is a piece of great news - we can help!

Data Cleaning

Data Cleaning & Enrichment is a worthwhile exercise for any business who has a database of customers and prospects which has been grown organically.

Over time the quality of your list drops and your hit rate goes down and down. Businesses move, phone numbers change and your contacts leave without a trace.

Custom Solutions

We love to help! We vividly remember how we started in business, how challenging it was to understand the market, how poor the data we purchased was.

Years later we have a wealth of knowledge and information about many areas of sales and marketing and we'd love to create a custom solution for you through our marketing agency parent company, E-ideas.

Follow Up

Are you struggling to ensure you follow up every lead?It's the old adage - the money is in the follow up. But in today's age hardly anyone has time for anything - let alone follow up!

Let us show you how we can make it easy for you. We'll take the hassle of follow up away from you. And as a result create top of the mind awareness and increased sales.

What else DO we provide?

Global coverage

Through KOMPASS you can reach out to 20,000,000 companies from over 70 countries. It's a big playground out there

Action Plan

We can asssit you with an action plan to achieve your goals using data. Just ask because we offer a FREE consult with every data purchase.

Sales & Marketing Process

To maximize your investment in data you have to have a process. We know what works and can guide you along the way.

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What our clients say

We are also very satisfied with the quality of work that had been delivered by her and her team.

Cassandra Powell
General Manager Marketing, Fuji Xerox New Zealand Limited

The concept is brilliant and the response allowed us to return our investment even before the campaign finished.

You have targeted 1000 businesses for us and we are still reaping the rewards and look forward to doing it again next year.

David Marment
Director, The Terrace Conference Centre

When Assia first suggested fortnightly emails and automated follow up – it has been foreign concepts for me. Now every time newsletter goes out I know orders are about to coming in.

I now want to do a lot more because finally I am able to see that a 24/7 sales person actually is here.

Hamish Murphy
Director, Baxters Catering


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