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Business Database With More Current Data

Business database whoiswhere™ was created in 2005  as a B2B marketing and sales tool because a quality business database was hard to find in both NZ and Australia. We started from walking the streets … Read More

What Makes whoiswhere More Accurate?

Massive everyday effort by our team is applied to achieve the highest data accuracy possible. The key to achieving high accuracy comes from a frequent and robust process. We’ve built our triple-verification process to ensure a high degree of accuracy while  capturing small changes.

Where whoiswhere Gets More Businesses?

With 220,000+ businesses in our database, whoiswhere™ is the largest verified business marketing database in NZ.

We believe that knowing as close to 100% of your target market as possible ensures better decision making and marketing results.

That is why we aim to know more businesses in every vertical. Our team puts extra special effort to gather more businesses through street walking and internet research.

How whoiswhere Is Segmented?

Segmentation is the key to better targeting That is why the depth of whoiswhere™ data increases every year as we pick up additional information about businesses. This allows us to segment data more precisely and ultimately lead toward more effective marketing campaigns for your business.

Sometimes it’s small things like being able to differentiate between a head office and a branch, or sometimes it’s knowing if the company has a fleet manager.

Even if you have tricky requirements, we can come up with a solution!

Business Database NZ for B2B Marketing

Business database whoiswhere™ has been disrupting the data industry by rethinking how to gather and maintain business database for B2B marketing and sales since 2005.

whoiswhere™ started with the sole purpose of creating a business database of NZ and Australian business in a novel and unique way.

We approached data collection and maintenance with the intent of reaching a new level of accuracy and completeness. As a result, we now have over 220,000 phone verified businesses in New Zealand and over 1,000,000 in Australia.

Direct Marketing success starts from business database

Businesses of all sizes use lists from whoiswhere™ for B2B marketing including market research and direct marketing campaigns, be it mail, tele or email marketing.

Due to on-going research and maintenance whoiswhere™ business database has high level of coverage in almost every business vertical with sufficient depth of information.

That allows you to request more granular segmentation

  • by location (from region to street or individual building),
  • by industry (using ANZSIC classification up to level 4),
  • by number of staff (from nationwide to actual location)
  • and a number of other search criteria (website, address, senior management).

The easiest way to get started

The easiest way to get started is to get in touch now and discover how many businesses and organisations are in your target audience based on your key requirements – location, staff size, and industry. Our skilled team will guide you through the rest and answer any additional questions you may have. And on top of that you will receive a recommendation about the best solution using business database NZ based on what you are trying to achieve, making sure that the data we supply supports your marketing and meets your business needs.

Click through to get in touch right away to to get a prompt count and a quote for a business list matching your requirements.

There is no minimum purchase and our pricing is simple and straightforward.


Your business database may need
cleansing or update and we can help

Planning a B2B marketing campaign?
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Business Database & Lists

When you're looking to purchase a list of your best target market, then you've come to the right place. whoiswhere is New Zealand's largest marketing business database with over 200,000 locations.

Get in touch with one of our friendly experts and we'll help you identify your target market. You'll receive a count and quote within 2 working days plus we're happy to answer any questions to advise about your direct marketing campaign.

Marketing Sizing & Targeting

Correct targeting makes a massive difference. Misunderstanding the size of your target market can lead to a loss of revenue and missed opportunities.

Whether you are doing financial projections, planning a marketing campaign, or just dreaming up your new business in the B2B space.

Imagine if you can discover the realities of the NZ market beyond just statistical information.

Data Cleaning

Over time the quality of your list drops and your response rate goes down and down. Businesses move, phone numbers change, and your contacts leave without a trace.

By the way, did you know that our 15 years research shows senior management in top companies changes by over 30% every year?

Data cleaning and enrichment is a necessary exercise for any business who has a database of customers and prospects.

Lead Generation

A list of data is the start of something big.

Typically what follows is a marketing campaign to generate leads via phone, mail or email.

While we are happy to supply just the list, over the years we have spotted that some companies lack the time, expertise, or man power to generate leads.

At whoiswhere we are happy to assist.

Follow Up

Are you struggling to ensure you follow up every lead? It's the old saying - the money is in the follow up.

But in today's market hardly anyone has time for anything - let alone the follow up!

Let us show you how we can make it more efficient for you.

And as a result create top of the mind awareness and increased sales.


Global Coverage

Through us you can reach out to 40,000,000 companies from over 70 countries. It's a big playground out there.

Possibility to Set a Action Plan

Our team can assist you with an action plan to achieve your goals. Just ask because we offer a complimentary consultation with every data purchase.

A Start of a Sales & Marketing Process

To maximize your investments in data you have to have a process. We know what works and can guide you along the way.

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Assia, I’m infected with your enthusiasm about sales and am very pleased with the campaign you did for us. The concept is brilliant and the response allowed us to return our investment even before the campaign finished. You have targeted 1000 businesses for us and we are still reaping the rewards and look forward to doing it again next year.
David Marment
Director, The Terrace Conference Centre
Assia had been a delight to work with. She is very responsive, helpful and provides valuable suggestions to our team. We are also very satisfied with the quality of work that had been delivered by her and her team.
Cassandra Powell
General Manager Marketing, Fuji Xerox New Zealand Limited
Like many others I have heard of email marketing but never really got it. When Assia first suggested fortnightly emails and automated follow up – it has been foreign concepts for me. Now every time newsletter goes out I know orders are about to coming in. I now want to do a lot more because finally I am able to see that a 24/7 sales person actually is here.
Hamish Murphy
Director, Baxters Catering