11 Ways Accurate Data Stretches Your Marketing Dollar Further

When you’re running a B2B marketing campaign, could you imagine wasting 10-30% of your outreach budget? By this I mean the hard cost of calling, emailing, mailing and generally connecting with your prospects at the early stage of the funnel.

It may come as a shock to you that this often happens, all because the data you have is out of date. We’ve come up with 11 distinct ways that an up-to-date list of your prospects can stretch your marketing dollar further by cutting down on the waste.

1. Save on mailing costs

You’ll save money on mailing costs. Having accurate data means you don’t end up sending mail to businesses that have closed or moved. If your data is properly formatted, you also get the benefit of reduced bulk rates with NZ Post.

2. Save on cost of telemarketing

Have you ever paid for a list that had disconnected phone numbers? These phone numbers are not only a waste of your marketing budget, but they also waste your time dialling them. Verification by phone is a large part of our business, which is why we frequently double check phone numbers. And this is why you can be assured our lists have few, if any, disconnected phone numbers.

3. Save time spent trying to find correct business details

Finding the details of a business online is easy, right? But what about a thousand? Is it the best use of your marketing dollar? We dare you to collect data to the same quality as ours at a lower cost. One of the advantages of buying whoishwhere data is you don’t have to buy the whole record. So if you only need the phone number, that’s all we’ll charge you for. We want to help, so talk to us about your campaign and what you’d like to achieve.

4. Save embarrassment by not calling on people who have left the company

It may seem harmless to ask for someone who has already left the company. But you never know what the circumstances of their departure may have been. It may bring up unpleasant memories and cost you their business. So what is the end result of such a call? At best you have gotten off on the wrong foot, and at worst you’ve wasted the money spent contacting them and buying inaccurate data.

5. Save money with proper targeting

If someone doesn’t want something, you’ll never be able to sell it to them. So why would you even try? whoiswhere has more targeting options than you can shake a stick at! You can define a list to include only those businesses that are in your target market. This is called segmentation of the market, but we can also help with granularity of the segmentation.

For example we worked with a telecommunications company where they wanted records for all the businesses in buildings with existing customers. Their cost to connect up more businesses in an existing business was lower so they naturally preferred to target this way. This type of very tight targeting can bring in extraordinary results when done correctly and our team is very good at just that.

6. Save money by knowing how large your target market is

Often we will add anywhere from 8-43% to a clients’ existing prospects list. This can really be the difference between break-even and profit. The size of whoiswhere is the reason we can confidently say that. The simple fact is no one else in the country has as much data as we do, so no one is able to enrich your list as much as we can. It’s that simple.

7. Save Money on Online Research

Let’s say you’ve already got the business details for a prospect, but they didn’t come with an email or contact name. What can you do? Find the right person online? Good luck trying to do that. Many businesses, and most likely even you, do not list the names and emails of key decision makers. And these days it’s not that easy to get through to the right person just by calling reception.

Especially if you’re trying to sell them something they genuinely may need. Some people act as if their own company isn’t trying to sell things too and just reject any type of sales call.

Fortunately we have a contact name for most businesses, and often quite a few. So if it’s CEO’s or Marketing managers you’re after, we can help. And you can get on doing what you do best, and not wasting time running around looking for a name.

8. Helps you understand your customer base better

Do you sell mostly to 1-5 staff sized businesses? Are the majority of your customers in the CBD? How much do you really know about your customers? Accurate data allows you to know this more. And this knowledge gives you the ability to create powerful advertising.

Niche advertisements isn’t the domain of the big firms anymore. All you need to do is understand the value proposition to your chosen niches and tweak the advertising a little bit. Then with the power of online advertising, you’re rolling with the big boys.

9. Help make better marketing decisions

How can you make better marketing decisions? By being better informed. And what better way to be better informed than to have accurate data on hand? When you make choices based on data, your marketing dollar is more effectively used.

For instance if you’re selling to businesses why would you advertise on the radio? Well this is what one of our clients was considering doing. Instead we created a direct marketing campaign that reached exactly the people he needed to rather than using a scatter gun approach via radio.

10. More sophisticated analysis

Having a vast range of targeting options means you are able to delve deeper into the minds of your customer before, during, and after your campaign. You’ll be able to tell what type of business is engaging with your campaign through every step of it. And if needed adjust to get other businesses on board. Or choose to run another campaign to a different subset.

11. Allows to deliver a more relevant message

Target specific industries with specific offers. Which leads to higher take-up rates and therefore more money in your pocket. But if you don’t have accurate data this is impossible to do. At the very best you will send the wrong messages to people, burning through leads.

We find that data changes at a rapid rate, anywhere from .5-2% per week. Compounded this can be a massive change over a 12 month period. And if you’ve grown your list organically, it’s likely to be missing information, and won’t have the full picture of the market.

In any case, we can help. You can read about how we keep our data accurate and current. And when you’re ready, reach out with your requirements. We’ll be glad to support you with quality data that drives results.

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