About Us

whoiswhere is the database brand of Smarketing Lab, a Wellington-based boutique marketing implementation agency. Smarketing Lab is disrupting the B2B Sales and Marketing Industry with its 4R B2B Growth Framework.

Smarketing Lab created whoiswhere in 2005. The founders were finding it difficult to locate accurate business data to use for clients’ marketing needs. In true kiwi style, they made the decision to DIY a database for their clients and this began the whoiswhere journey.

Since then the whoiswhere database has grown to 200,000+ business locations in NZ.

The key differentiator of whoiswhere data is the accuracy which is driven by the verification of data. whoiswhere aims to deliver data that has been verified in the past 121 days or less. We verify popular lists as often as every 45 days. we grew the whoiswhere database from people walking the streets, having a friendly chat over the phone to verify it, and checking details online. We call this our triple-verification process.

Today the goal of whoiswhere remains the same. To cover as close as possible to 100% of businesses located in commercial premises nationwide.

Rural and home-based businesses are a small but  growing part of the database.

“Yes, it’s hard and time-consuming and challenging in a lot of ways. Yet we persisted and succeeded to the point that today we are the only data supplier with the most comprehensive list of Wellington CBD as well as Auckland CBD and another 200,000 locations in NZ alone.”

-Assia Salikhova, Managing Director Smarketing Lab.