Are You “Bad” at Marketing? Learn How Anyone Can Succeed in Marketing

When some business owners say: “I’m not good at marketing”, they think of marketing as a huge discipline demanding large investment in research, communication, etc. What they miss to recognise is that there is a part of marketing, often referred to as Direct Marketing, which can be made as simple or as complex as one wants.

Direct marketing has long been heralded as the best way to engage your target market, and the best bit is that it is so flexible. Whether you’re a one man show or a multi-billion dollar corporation, direct marketing can work and can bring results, often at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

Direct marketing is any marketing activity which puts you in front of your specific target market. This is in contrast to Mass Marketing – which is when your message is broadcast to a mass audience, with the hope that your target catches it.

A classic example is Ford vs General Motors. Ford was able to capture the American car market during the early 1900’s by offering the Model T at affordable price points (any colour as long as it’s black) –an example of a generic product being mass marketed. General Motors on the other hand started to offer different types of cars for people with different needs, and at different price points. By the 1950’s General Motors surpassed Ford as the number one car manufacturer. We see today that all car manufacturers offer different models, and at different price points too!

Direct marketing can have a butterfly effect. A phone call, email or letter to the right person with the right message today could mean a sale. For the small investment of a few minutes of your time you could make money.

Will you make money every time you call or email?

No, although every No brings you closer to a Yes

Will you get feedback about what you are offering?

Yes, fast and personal feedback that could be invaluable

Will you be able to adjust your proposition?

Yes, right away you can test your message and change it

Will you be able to offer something else, outside your standard offer?

Yes, because it’s one-on-one and personal

So who is the right person for you to get in touch with? Chances are you already know, but if not we can help! We can assist you with every step of the process:

  1. Understand who your target market is
  2. Create or buy a list of your target market
  3. Choose a medium to engage your target market
  4. Create a proposition for your target market
  5. Engage your target market
  6. Analyse your results
  7. Follow up leads

Call 04 977 7877 to speak with one of our team members or check out to see what solutions we offer. From the simple, to the complex: we do it all.

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