What is a Mailing List?

Before you even start looking for a mailing list in New Zealand, it’s important to understand: What is a Mailing List?

A mailing list is a list of business addresses and contact information that you can use to run direct mail campaigns. Don’t confuse with EDM, which is email direct marketing. Mailing lists are used for Direct Mail (DM) campaigns. This means campaigns where you send a physical piece of mail to the prospect, be it a letter, a parcel or something else.

How to Use a Mailing List

Once you have a mailing list you can use this to send mail yourself. Or you can enlist the help of a mailing house to send this mail on your behalf. Direct mail campaigns have become quite expensive over the years, so they’re not favoured for mass campaigns anymore. On the plus side, this expense has driven innovation and boosted the results you can expect to see.

Innovations In Direct Mail Campaigns

You will be surprised by the innovations in the direct mail industry. Custom mail campaigns have flourished and can perform quite well. Expect to pay a large amount per piece of mail – $20-$100-and more. This is all worth it though when you’re trying to get in front of hard-to-reach individuals. They’re far more likely to sit down and open a custom piece of mail than an ordinary letter which likely gets chucked by their gatekeeper.

You should look at investing in a mailing list of New Zealand businesses as the first step in your lead generation campaign. Mail is just the medium by which your message will be delivered.

Treat it Like a Lead Generation Campaign

Now that you’re thinking of it as a lead generation activity, you must remember that there need to be things surrounding the mail-out that support its activation. Things like landing pages, videos, custom websites, special offers, follow-up calls and more. All of these are important aspects of a modern lead generation campaign that utilises mail. Mail may be the medium where you capture their attention, but it’s likely you will end the sale in person, on a website, or over the phone. Luckily our marketing company can help with all or some of this activation.

Get a Quality List

If you’re looking to send a mail out, let us know and we can help you with a quality mailing list of New Zealand businesses. We can also point you in the right direction of a good mailing house.

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