What is an EDM list?

Before you start looking for a list of emails in New Zealand it’s important to understand: What is an EDM List?
A list of emails is what you use to run an Email Direct Marketing (EDM) campaign. Therefore, an EDM list is simply a list of emails and names of the contacts that you use to send EDM campaigns.

Typically this lists includes at least the company name + email + name of the person and there is a real struggle in trying to get a personal email address. It might also include some other information about businesses if you find this relevant such as industry, location, number of staff etc.

Does that sound like an easy way to market? At first glance, it certainly is! The truth is a bit more complicated. Here are four things to keep in mind when considering an EDM.

1: Complying with the UEMA of 2007

First, you have to comply with the anti-SPAM laws. Most countries these days have firm anti-spam laws which are enacted to prevent spam. While they are focused on protecting consumers, they also protect businesses.

In New Zealand, our laws are called the Unsolicited Electronic Messaging Act of 2007 (UEMA of 2007). This Act prevents you from sending emails if you do not have a prior relationship with the business. It also prevents mass-emailing to random businesses. You are of course still allowed to send an individual email, but sending a weekly email to a business you have no prior relationship with is no longer accepted under this Act.

An option here is to buy a list of emails, then call up the business and have a short chat with them. Get consent to email and then you will be compliant. Make sure to record the time and date of this just in case there are issues down the line.

2: People Unsubscribe

The second problem you will run into is people choosing to unsubscribe. This is an inevitable issue with all EDM campaigns. Even if they’ve known you for decades, people are now a lot savvier about cleaning up their inboxes.

3: You’ll Battle to Get Out of Promotions

Third, you will have issues with your emails ending up in the promotions tab and being totally missed or ignored.

4: Ending Up in SPAM is a Real Possibility

Fourth, your emails will end up in spam. Not all of them of course, but some will. Don’t worry too much about this, even government emails end up in spam from time to time. There are of course some things to help prevent this, but you need to know these few steps to take.

Our Recommendation for EDM:

Here is the process we recommend if you believe that an EDM campaign is the best marketing avenue for your business:

  1. Get an email through a personal conversation: a visit, a call (calling works best here and we have a team to help you if needed – read more here), a networking meeting, LinkedIn, etc.
  2. Expect to send multiple emails before an action will take place (10 or more sometimes).
  3. Keep calm when people unsubscribe – there is nothing personal in this action.

Don’t be put off by all of this though – EDMs are a solid marketing tool in today’s digital world. Just be warned about buying an email list and using it for marketing right away before calling them.

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