Data Cleaning

Data Cleaning & Enrichment is an important exercise for any business who has a database of customers and prospects.

Over time the data quality drops and your hit rate spirals downward. Customers move, phone numbers change and contacts leave.

Additionally when you’ve grown a list organically you could be missing a large portion of your target market. From our experience we add an average of 30% to existing lists – that’s a massive untapped opportunity!

Three reasons why your existing database needs to be cleaned

  1. To ensure your sales and marketing efforts aren’t duplicated
  2. Clean data encourages your salespeople to prospect
  3. Having a tidy list of both customers and prospects puts you in the drivers seat and allows you to understand what part of the market you service

Explore the process below – it’s very simple and straightforward. And once you’re ready to move ahead, simply fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of the page or call 04 977 7877 to speak to one of our data experts.

First we need to match your data to our data. The % matched varies, and this depends mostly on how old your list is. We also keep track of businesses that we know have closed, so we are able to cleanse your list of these inactive businesses.

Once we have matched your data to ours, removed duplicates, removed closed businesses and identified what the % of change is, we come back with an additional quote to enrich data (add more information you don’t have) in case you want to go beyond just cleaning.

At this stage we’ll also identify which businesses you don’t have that match your criteria and suggest investing in these records as well.

Once the quote is approved we append all available data from whoiswhere™ to your records so you have the most accurate information available. If required we’ll also add in fresh records which will be new to your database.

We deliver in an Excel file so it’s easy for you to upload to whichever system you are using.