Why is whoiswhere a B2B database?

Sometimes we get asked why is whoiswhere a B2B database? It seems some people consider some companies to be more of a ‘business’ than others, and look down on us for including these businesses.

We don’t consider this to be a helpful distinction, simply because all businesses have needs and purchase products and services from other businesses. So to exclude something like retail, because ‘it’s not business enough is both short-sighted and silly. 

When we say whoiswhere is a B2B business database, what we really mean is that we hold information about businesses and we sell that information to other businesses. 

What is a business you might be thinking? Well, a motel is a business, a restaurant is a business, a café is a business, a child care center is a business, an accountancy firm is a business, a lawyer is a business, and a real estate agency is a business. All of these are businesses. 

Retailers who provide retail services are businesses. So massage therapists are businesses, dentists are businesses, retirement villages are businesses, these are all businesses and all of these businesses have needs from other businesses. 

Essentially, we sell contact information of businesses, to businesses that want to sell to those businesses. Have I said businesses enough yet? As I said, whoiswhere is a B2B database. 

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