What is a Telemarketing List?

If you’re looking for a list of phone numbers in New Zealand, you’ll want to ask for a telemarketing list. But what is a telemarketing list?

A telemarketing list is a list of business phone numbers. You can use this list to run a telemarketing campaign by phoning businesses that are in your target market.

Typically this list includes at least the company name + phone number. It might also include the name of the right person, address and other information about businesses.

Does this sound real old-school? You’re not wrong. If you’ve watched the Wolf of Wall Street and you’re thinking of Jordan and his cronies pounding the phones, the reality is a little removed from this!

The truth is telemarketing has come a long way since then. And to be honest, if you don’t want to be pushy, slimy, and overall annoying over the phone, no one is forcing you to be. You can still get results by being a genuine human, having a real conversation, making a connection, and trying to be of service.

It is this type of calling that is still very effective. Calling has many advantages over other forms of direct marketing. That is why it still exists despite a lot of bad press. In fact, we now call it lead generation over the phone. Just to get away from all the negatives of telemarketing.

First of all, you are welcome to pick up an awesome free resource we’ve created as an introduction to cold calling.

Second, here are 3 reasons why cold calling is alive and well:

  1. It works, because of the power of human-to-human communication is more valued now than ever before.
  2. It works fast, faster than any other marketing because you get a result after just one call. A no is also a result, by the way.
  3. It is cost-effective, once you have the right list, all it takes is your time. Need a hand with the script? We can help.

If you feel it’s for you, we can arm you with a great, well-targeted list, a script and some coaching or training for better results.

Feel free to reach out for a quote using the below button. Or call us on 04 977 7877 to discuss it.