Why is it Important to Have a Verified Business Database?

Why is it important to have a verified business database? It’s important because simply put, businesses are always changing, and businesses are always in flux. They move, they close, people move, people within the business move etc. Lots of things happen and all of these changes have to be captured in some way.

Here at whoiswhere™, we use a triple verification process. What that means is that we have a three-step process to make sure that the business data we are delivering to you is quality and up to date.

The first step is walking on the streets. So we literally walk down the street just as any pedestrian does. We have a look at who’s around, we write it down, we check it off if we already have them, and we add anyone who’s new. This is where our name comes from because we see who-is-where! That’s the first step in our data verification process.

The second step is giving that company a phone call. What we do on the phone call is fill in the blanks that we didn’t get when we were on the street.

The final step is online verification. This step is really to make sure that all the information we have up to that point is correct and it’s more of a double-check that we haven’t missed anything.

We don’t tend to use online verification as our only source because our studies have shown approximately 30% of all data found online is outdated or incorrect. That is why those first two steps, walking the streets and making the phone calls are really key to ensuring quality business data. And why is that important for you?

Because when you buy our data, that’s really just the first step of your marketing. You’re going to be spending additional marketing dollars and spending X number amount per business. So you don’t want to be wasting this by emailing or mailing closed businesses, businesses that moved etc.

When you buy whoiswhere data, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality data on the market. Will there be some issues with it? Yes. Why? Because as I said, businesses are always in flux. And while we do have that triple verification process, we still cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, but we are doing the best that we can to ensure this.

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