How Granular is whoiswhere Data?

How granular is whosiwhere data? Well, in fact, because our data is organised or rather the way our data is organised means we can go as granular as a single building on a street. So that means if you want to say, I want everyone in the Cider Building in Ponsonby, we can give you everyone in the Cider Building in Ponsonby.

If you want everyone at 1 Queen Street, which is now Commercial Bay, we can give you all the companies at 1 Queen Street. You can go from the individual building, you can even go from a floor in a building. If you happen to find a building that has a lot of companies on one level. You can go from that all the way up to entire regions, cities, suburbs, and streets.

Use Case

A good use case of this is if your company is already servicing one business in a building. It’s likely lower cost for you to service more of the same businesses within that one building than go from one to another. Examples of these types of businesses are cleaners, commercial florists, commercial aquarium rentals etc. Anything that has a component of visiting the client on a regular basis can benefit from this.

This is a bit of a unique selling point for whoiswhere. Most other data providers don’t split their addresses in the same way we do. This is convenient, but it comes at the cost that it becomes very difficult to do highly targeted marketing. 


The type of marketing which granular data allows is called geo-marketing. The name gives it away a little bit, it essentially means marketing based on geography. At its most complex geo-marketing requires data such as ours which can separate out businesses building by building, and even level by level. A cruder example would be by suburb, and that is likely the best other data suppliers can deliver.

So to put it simply, our data is very granular. Our data is built to be split in a very granular way. How granular is really up to you and what you want to achieve and your marketing requirements. So get in touch with us today for a no-obligation count and quote of your target market.