The depths of data

Have you deep sea dived before? As you go deeper and deeper towards the ocean floor you discover all these little creatures you will never find close to the surface. The fascinating levels of colour and beauty. But there are also negatives, like seasickness and the pressure you can feel to certain parts of your body. These are things people don’t always mention when you go diving for the first time.

I recon data can be like that. I know it sounds bizarre. But let’s go into some detail.

I am company X and I want to promote my new product. So, what do I do first? Go out and just sell it? I guess you can do that. But would you be successful? You have to scuba dive it.

You have to drill down to your target market like you would dive down towards the ocean floor.

Along the way you will discover some fascinating stuff about your target market that you might not have thought about before. For example, Identify and focus on your specific target markets, assess the financial risk of your prospects, create and target emailing campaigns, or even establish possible risks and opportunities.

All the small little things, the same as the small little creatures you will discover when you dive deep. All of this add up to one hell of an experience. Don’t break your product along your awesome journey. Enjoy the experience and take it all in. Focus the detail and blow off the pressure.

Deep dive into the depths of data to make your products selling a huge success.

By Joy Nicholson, Kompass NZ

Published with permission from Kompass NZ. whoiswhere data is now available online, head over to to check it out!

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