Telemarketing Thinking Outloud

What did people do 23 years ago for sales leads? Let’s fire up the time machine and go back 23 years and visit the world of technology. 1994 was a big year in the world. The internet or the ‘world wide web’ was more part of the dinosaur fossil era than that of technology as we know it today. There were only about 10 000 websites. Yes, your read that correct. Only 10 000, in comparison to today’s billion plus. Now that is one hectic growth spurt!

What else happened in 1994? Online shopping happened! Pentium computers that had a floppy disk slot and ran on MS Dos (I had one of those) they happened. It was only a year later that Microsoft introduced Windows’95. Computers only needed 4MB of RAM to run. LOL yeah right. Today our computer’s need a minimum of 2GB!

Who remember cell phones in 1994? The first ‘smart phone’ was introduced to the world in 1994. It was a Nokia with an antenna. Imagine carrying a cell phone in your pocket with an antenna attached to it? Oh wait I don’t think it would have fitted into my pocket!

Back to my question before we jumped into the time machine. What did people do to get sales leads? I don’t see any other way than to physically walk the streets. Yip real fact. I’m sure blister cream, sunhats and raincoats were more sold back then than now (just my opinion).

Lets’ set our time machine and come back to the now – 2017 and see how people are doing it today.

What would I do? I would buy a system or a database (yes those have been around for a couple of decades or so) that includes B2B contact information. Why? Because it is more convenient and saves heaps of money because I’m saving masses of time. And I don’t have to get blisters by trying to make serious sales. Saving some major Moola doing so? I recon! Does it pay to have happy and productive staff? I recon!

So, decision makers, what is best for your company? Buying a system that someone already did the hard work for you by having heaps of contact information you can phone? Or wasting precious time and let your staff walk the streets to build a clientele that would take 3 times as long? Where can you get this? KOMPASS NZ!

By Joy Nicholson, Kompass NZ

Published with permission from Kompass NZ. whoiswhere data is now available online, head over to to check it out!

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