NZ lists ANZSIC Classification C

C: Manufacturing

To clarify industry jargon: ANZSIC stands for Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification. The current version in use is ANZSIC 2006.

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Consequently, you’ll need a list of businesses of ANZSIC classification C: Manufacturing.

You can see all the different industries included in C: Manufacturing in the Table below. Explore it and choose the ones you need.

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Manufacturing lists include every kind of business producing a tangible product.

That’s why the following types of businesses, who you might not think of as manufacturers, are included: printers, bakeries (of every size), vineyards (because they bottle wine) and so forth.

So when you think of manufacturing as a large factory, you might want to the specify a larger number of staff or choose specific types of manufacturing below. And if you feel you want to target all manufacturers, be prepared to have local bakeries and regular print shops included.

Some of the most popular business lists of manufacturers we supply are:

  • List of Food Manufacturers in NZ
  • List of Wineries in NZ
  • List of Engineering Manufacturers in NZ
  • List of Furniture Manufacturers in NZ
  • List of Marine Manufacturers in NZ

Known Limitations

Sometimes large brands which you might think of as a Manufacturer are categorised as Wholesalers. This happens when a company has local manufacturing previously and at some stage it was relocated overseas. Now they simply import the products and essentially distribute them in NZ. A good example of this is car brands – technically they all manufacture the product, but in NZ their HO is just a distribution and marketing office. With the actual manufacturing taking place overseas.

Even if you weren’t able to find a particular list anywhere so far – let us give it a go. We might surprise you and save endless hours of research and copy/pasting from the internet, while you can focus on what you do best.

C: Manufacturing

Find out what kind of businesses are included in this category.

When requesting a quote you may indicate specific ANZSIC categories.
C11Food Product Manufacturing
C111Meat and Meat Product Manufacturing
C111100Meat Processing
C111200Poultry Processing
C111300Cured Meat and Smallgoods Manufacturing
C112Seafood Processing
C112000Seafood Processing
C113Dairy Product Manufacturing
C113100Milk and Cream Processing
C113200Ice Cream Manufacturing
C113300Cheese and Other Dairy Product Manufacturing
C114Fruit and Vegetable Processing
C114000Fruit and Vegetable Processing
C115Oil and Fat Manufacturing
C115000Oil and Fat Manufacturing
C116Grain Mill and Cereal Product Manufacturing
C116100Grain Mill Product Manufacturing
C116200Cereal, Pasta and Baking Mix Manufacturing
C117Bakery Product Manufacturing
C117100Bread Manufacturing (Factory-based)
C117200Cake and Pastry Manufacturing (Factory-based)
C117300Biscuit Manufacturing (Factory-based)
C117400Bakery Product Manufacturing (Non-factory-based)
C118Sugar and Confectionery Manufacturing
C118100Sugar Manufacturing
C118200Confectionery Manufacturing
C119Other Food Product Manufacturing
C119100Potato Crisps and Corn Chips Manufacturing
C119200Prepared Animal and Bird Feed Manufacturing
C119900Other Food Products Manufacturing n.e.c.
C12 Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing
C121Beverage Manufacturing
C121100Soft Drink, Cordial and Syrup Manufacturing
C121200Beer Manufacturing
C121300Spirit Manufacturing
C121400Wine and Other Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing
C122Cigarette and Tobacco Product Manufacturing
C122000Cigarette and Tobacco Product Manufacturing
C13Textile, Leather, Clothing and Footwear Manufacturing
C131Textile Fibre, Yarn and Woven Fabric Manufacturing
C131100Wool Scouring
C131200Natural Fibre Textile Manufacturing
C131300Synthetic Fibre Textile Manufacturing
C132Leather Tanning and Fur Dressing
C132000Leather Tanning, Fur Dressing and Leather Product Manufacturing
C133Textile Product Manufacturing
C133100Textile Floor Covering Manufacturing
C133200Rope, Cordage and Twine Manufacturing
C133300Cut and Sewn Textile Product Manufacturing
C133400Textile Finishing and Other Textile Product Manufacturing
C134Knitted Product Manufacturing
C134000Knitted Product Manufacturing
C135Clothing and Footwear Manufacturing
C135100Clothing Manufacturing
C135200Footwear Manufacturing
C14Wood Product Manufacturing
C141Log Sawmilling and Timber Dressing
C141100Log Sawmilling
C141200Wood Chipping
C141300Timber Resawing and Dressing
C149Other Wood Product Manufacturing
C149100Prefabricated Wooden Building Manufacturing
C149200Wooden Structural Fittings and Components Manufacturing
C149300Veneer and Plywood Manufacturing
C149400Reconstituted Wood Product Manufacturing
C149900Other Wood Product Manufacturing n.e.c.
C15Pulp, Paper and Converted Paper Product Manufacturing
C151Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Manufacturing
C151000Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Manufacturing
C152Converted Paper Product Manufacturing
C152100Corrugated Paperboard and Paperboard Container Manufacturing
C152200Paper Bag and Sack Manufacturing
C152300Paper Stationery Manufacturing
C152400Sanitary Paper Product Manufacturing
C152900Other Converted Paper Product Manufacturing
C161200Printing Support Services
C162Reproduction of Recorded Media
C162000Reproduction of Recorded Media
C17 Petroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing
C170Petroleum Refining and Petroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing
C170100Petroleum Refining and Petroleum Fuels Manufacturing
C170900Other Petroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing
C18Basic Chemical and Chemical Product Manufacturing
C181Chemical Manufacturing
C181100Industrial Gases Manufacturing
C181200Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing
C181300Basic Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing
C182Basic Polymer Manufacturing
C182100Synthetic Resin and Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing
C182900Other Basic Polymer Manufacturing
C183Fertiliser and Pesticide Manufacturing
C183100Fertiliser Manufacturing
C183200Pesticide Manufacturing
C184Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Product Manufacturing
C184100Human Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Product Manufacturing
C184200Veterinary Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Product Manufacturing
C185Cleaning Compound and Toiletry Preparation Manufacturing
C185100Cleaning Compound Manufacturing
C185200Cosmetic and Toiletry Preparation Manufacturing
C189Other Basic Chemical Product Manufacturing
C189100Photographic Chemical Manufacturing
C189200Explosives Manufacturing
C189900Other Basic Chemical Product Manufacturing n.e.c.
C19Polymer Product and Rubber Product Manufacturing
C191Polymer Product Manufacturing
C191100Polymer Film and Sheet Packaging Material Manufacturing
C191200Rigid and Semi Rigid Polymer Product Manufacturing
C191300Polymer Foam Product Manufacturing
C191400Tyre Manufacturing
C191500Adhesive Manufacturing
C191600Paint and Coatings Manufacturing
C191900Other Polymer Product Manufacturing
C192Natural Rubber Product Manufacturing
C192000Natural Rubber Product Manufacturing
C20Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing
C201Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing
C201000Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing
C202Ceramic Product Manufacturing
C202100Clay Brick Manufacturing
C202900Other Ceramic Product Manufacturing
C203Cement, Lime, Plaster and Concrete Product Manufacturing
C203100Cement and Lime Manufacturing
C203200Plaster and Gypsum Product Manufacturing
C203300Ready-Mixed Concrete Manufacturing
C203400Concrete Product Manufacturing
C209Other Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing
C209000Other Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing
C21Primary Metal and Metal Product Manufacturing
C211Basic Ferrous Metal Manufacturing
C211000Iron Smelting and Steel Manufacturing
C212Basic Ferrous Metal Product Manufacturing
C212100Iron and Steel Casting
C212200Steel Pipe and Tube Manufacturing
C213Basic Non-Ferrous Metal Manufacturing
C213100Alumina Production
C213200Aluminium Smelting
C213300Copper, Silver, Lead, and Zinc Smelting and Refining
C213900Other Basic Non-Ferrous Metal Manufacturing
C214Basic Non-Ferrous Metal Product Manufacturing
C214100Non-Ferrous Metal Casting
C214200Aluminium Rolling, Drawing, Extruding
C214900Other Basic Non-Ferrous Metal Product Manufacturing
C22Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
C221 Iron and Steel Forging
C221000Iron and Steel Forging
C222Structural Metal Product Manufacturing
C222100Structural Steel Fabricating
C222200Prefabricated Metal Building Manufacturing
C222300Architectural Aluminium Product Manufacturing
C222400Metal Roof and Guttering Manufacturing (except Aluminium)
C222900Other Structural Metal Product Manufacturing
C223Metal Container Manufacturing
C223100Boiler, Tank and Other Heavy Gauge Metal Container Manufacturing
C223900Other Metal Container Manufacturing
C224Other Sheet Metal Product Manufacturing
C224000Other Sheet Metal Product Manufacturing
C229Other Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
C229100Spring and Wire Product Manufacturing
C229200Nut, Bolt, Screw and Rivet Manufacturing
C229300Metal Coating and Finishing
C229900Other Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing n.e.c.
C23Transport Equipment Manufacturing
C231Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Part Manufacturing
C231100Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
C231200Motor Vehicle Body and Trailer Manufacturing
C231300Automotive Electrical Components Manufacturing
C231900Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing
C239Other Transport Equipment Manufacturing
C239100Shipbuilding and Repair Services
C239200Boatbuilding and Repair Services
C239300Railway Rolling Stock Manufacturing and Repair Services
C239400Aircraft Manufacturing and Repair Services
C239900Other Transport Equipment Manufacturing n.e.c.
C24Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
C241Professional and Scientific Equipment Manufacturing
C241100Photographic, Optical and Ophthalmic Equipment Manufacturing
C241200Medical and Surgical Equipment Manufacturing
C241900Other Professional and Scientific Equipment Manufacturing
C242Computer and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
C242100Computer and Electronic Office Equipment Manufacturing
C242200Communications Equipment Manufacturing
C242900Other Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
C243Electrical Equipment Manufacturing
C243100Electric Cable and Wire Manufacturing
C243200Electric Lighting Equipment Manufacturing
C243900Other Electrical Equipment Manufacturing
C244Domestic Appliance Manufacturing
C244100Whiteware Appliance Manufacturing
C244900Other Domestic Appliance Manufacturing
C245Pump, Compressor, Heating and Ventilation Equipment Manufacturing
C245100Pumps and Compressors Manufacturing
C245200Fixed Space Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Equipment Manufacturing
C246Specialised Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
C246100Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
C246200Mining and Construction Machinery Manufacturing
C246300Machine Tool and Parts Manufacturing
C246900Other Specialised Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
C249Other Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
C249100Lifting and Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing
C249900Other Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing n.e.c.
C25Furniture and Other Manufacturing
C251Furniture Manufacturing
C251100Wooden Furniture and Upholstered Seat Manufacturing
C251200Metal Furniture Manufacturing
C251300Mattress Manufacturing
C251900Other Furniture Manufacturing
C259Other Manufacturing
C259100Jewellery and Silverware Manufacturing
C259200Toy, Sporting and Recreational Product Manufacturing
C259900Other Manufacturing n.e.c.

In conclusion, we are able to help when you are looking for a list of Manufacturers of every kind. Our most popular lists of Manufacturers include:

  • Food Manufacturers
  • Engineering Manufacturers
  • Wood Manufacturers

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