NZ lists ANZSIC Classification J

J: Information Media and Telecommunications

To clarify industry jargon: ANZSIC stands for Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification. The current version in use is ANZSIC 2006.

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Consequently, you’ll need a list of businesses with the ANZSIC classification J. Because this category covers all businesses in Information Media and Telecommunications.

You can see all the different industries included in J: Information Media and Telecommunications in the Table below. Explore it and choose the ones you need.

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J: Information Media and Telecommunications

Find out what kind of businesses are included in this category.

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J54Publishing (except Internet and Music Publishing)
J541Newspaper, Periodical, Book and Directory Publishing
J541100Newspaper Publishing
J541200Magazine and Other Periodical Publishing
J541300Book Publishing
J541400Directory and Mailing List Publishing
J541900Other Publishing (except Software, Music and Internet)
J542Software Publishing
J542000Software Publishing
J55Motion Picture and Sound Recording Activities
J551Motion Picture and Video Activities
J551100Motion Picture and Video Production
J551200Motion Picture and Video Distribution
J551300Motion Picture Exhibition
J551400Postproduction Services and Other Motion Picture and Video Activities
J552Sound Recording and Music Publishing
J552100Music Publishing
J552200Music and Other Sound Recording Activities
J56Broadcasting (except Internet)
J561Radio Broadcasting
J561000Radio Broadcasting
J562Television Broadcasting
J562100Free-to-Air Television Broadcasting
J562200Cable and Other Subscription Programming
J57Internet Publishing and Broadcasting
J570Internet Publishing and Broadcasting
J570000Internet Publishing and Broadcasting
J58Telecommunications Services
J580Telecommunications Services
J580100Wired Telecommunications Network Operation
J580200Other Telecommunications Network Operation
J580900Other Telecommunications Services
J59Internet Service Providers, Web Search Portals and Data Processing Services
J591Internet Service Providers and Web Search Portals
J591000Internet Access Services
J592Data Processing, Web Hosting and Electronic Information Storage Services
J592100Data Processing and Web Hosting Services
J592200Electronic Information Storage Services
J60Library and Other Information Services
J601Libraries and Archives
J601000Libraries and Archives
J602Other Information Services
J602000Other Information Services

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