NZ lists ANZSIC Classification F

F: Wholesale Trade

To clarify industry jargon: ANZSIC stands for Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification. The current version in use is ANZSIC 2006.

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Consequently, you’ll need a list of businesses with the ANZSIC classification F. Because this category covers all businesses in Wholesale Trade.

You can see all the different industries included in F: Wholesale Trade in the Table below. Explore it and choose the ones you need.

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whoiswhere is a sales and marketing tool first and foremost. That’s why we apply some common sense to categorising businesses. There are two important considerations when it comes to wholesale trade:

  1. Overseas manufacturers with no actual plant in the country are categorised as wholesalers
  2. All manufacturers with plants and factories in NZ have a secondary industry classification assigned as wholesale as well unless they are mainly selling to the end customer (printers, bakeries and some others)

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F: Wholesale Trade

Find out what kind of businesses are included in this category.

When requesting a quote you may indicate specific ANZSIC categories.
F33Basic Material Wholesaling
F331Agricultural Product Wholesaling
F331100Wool Wholesaling
F331200Cereal Grain Wholesaling
F331900Other Agricultural Product Wholesaling
F332Mineral, Metal and Chemical Wholesaling
F332100Petroleum Product Wholesaling
F332200Metal and Mineral Wholesaling
F332300Industrial and Agricultural Chemical Product Wholesaling
F333Timber and Hardware Goods Wholesaling
F333100Timber Wholesaling
F333200Plumbing Goods Wholesaling
F333900Other Hardware Goods Wholesaling
F34Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling
F341Specialised Industrial Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling
F341100Agricultural and Construction Machinery Wholesaling
F341900Other Specialised Industrial Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling
F349Other Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling
F349100Professional and Scientific Goods Wholesaling
F349200Computer and Computer Peripherals Wholesaling
F349300Telecommunication Goods Wholesaling
F349400Other Electrical and Electronic Goods Wholesaling
F349900Other Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling
F35Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Parts Wholesaling
F350Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Parts Wholesaling
F350100Car Wholesaling
F350200Commercial Vehicle Wholesaling
F350300Trailer and Other Motor Vehicle Wholesaling
F350400Motor Vehicle New Part Wholesaling
F350500Motor Vehicle Dismantling and Used Part Wholesaling
F36Grocery, Liquor and Tobacco Product Wholesaling
F360Grocery, Liquor and Tobacco Product Wholesaling
F360100General Line Groceries Wholesaling
F360200Meat, Poultry and Smallgoods Wholesaling
F360300Dairy Produce Wholesaling
F360400Fish and Seafood Wholesaling
F360500Fruit and Vegetable Wholesaling
F360600Liquor and Tobacco Product Wholesaling
F360900Other Grocery Wholesaling
F37Other Goods Wholesaling
F371Textile, Clothing and Footwear Wholesaling
F371100Textile Product Wholesaling
F371200Clothing and Footwear Wholesaling
F372Pharmaceutical and Toiletry Goods Wholesaling
F372000Pharmaceutical and Toiletry Goods Wholesaling
F373Furniture, Floor Coverings and Other Goods Wholesaling
F373100Furniture and Floor Coverings Wholesaling
F373200Jewellery and Watch Wholesaling
F373300Kitchen and Dining Ware Wholesaling
F373400Toy and Sporting Goods Wholesaling
F373500Book and Magazine Wholesaling
F373600Paper Product Wholesaling
F373900Other Goods Wholesaling n.e.c.
F38Commission Based Wholesaling
F380Commission Based Wholesaling
F380000Commission Based Wholesaling

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