NZ lists ANZSIC Classification A

A: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

To clarify industry jargon: ANZSIC stands for Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification. The current version in use is ANZSIC 2006.

When you want to research the market, identify targets for lead generation or want a direct marketing list of ANZSIC A: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing businesses in NZ you can get count and a quote here.

Consequently, you’ll need a list of businesses in the ANZSIC classification A because this category covers all businesses in Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing.

You can see all the different industries included in A: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing in the Table below. Explore it and choose the ones you need.

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Known limitations

whoiswhere™ specialises in businesses based in commercial premises. But because there is a demand to reach out to Agri and Forestry sectors, over the years we have built current lists of key agricultural and forestry businesses.

Above all and most importantly, our team of experts is able to do specialised research to build any bespoke list you need for your sales and marketing.

Businesses included in these lists are mainly businesses which trade with a variety of customers, many have websites and are featured somewhere on the internet.

NZ is a country of farmers and according to Statistics NZ there are over 90,000 businesses in this sector. Because of the nature of the sector many farming businesses are not as easy to identify as businesses based in commercial premises where we can simply walk the streets.

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A: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

Find out what kind of businesses are included in this category.

When requesting a quote, you can indicate specific ANZSIC categories.
A011Nursery and Floriculture Production
A011100Nursery Production (Under Cover)
A011200Nursery Production (Outdoors)
A011300Turf Growing
A011400Floriculture Production (Under Cover)
A011500Floriculture Production (Outdoors)
A012Mushroom and Vegetable Growing
A012100Mushroom Growing
A012200Vegetable Growing (Under Cover)
A012300Vegetable Growing (Outdoors)
A013Fruit and Tree Nut Growing
A013100Grape Growing
A013200Kiwifruit Growing
A013300Berry Fruit Growing
A013400Apple and Pear Growing
A013500Stone Fruit Growing
A013600Citrus Fruit Growing
A013700Olive Growing
A013900Other Fruit and Tree Nut Growing
A014Grain, Sheep and Beef Cattle Farming
A014100Sheep Farming (Specialised)
A014200Beef Cattle Farming (Specialised)
A014300Beef Cattle Feedlots (Specialised)
A014400Sheep-Beef Cattle Farming
A014500Grain-Sheep and Grain-Beef Cattle Farming
A014600Rice Growing
A014900Other Grain Growing
A015Other Crop Growing
A015100Sugar Cane Growing
A015200Cotton Growing
A015900Other Crop Growing n.e.c.
A016Dairy Cattle Farming
A016000Dairy Cattle Farming
A017Poultry Farming
A017100Poultry Farming (Meat)
A017200Poultry Farming (Eggs)
A018Deer Farming
A018000Deer Farming
A019Other Livestock Farming
A019100Horse Farming
A019200Pig Farming
A019900Other Livestock Farming n.e.c.
A020100Longline and Rack (Offshore) Aquaculture
A020200Caged (Offshore) Aquaculture
A020300Onshore Aquaculture
A03Forestry and Logging
A030Forestry and Logging
A04Fishing, Hunting and Trapping
A041100Rock Lobster and Crab Potting
A041200Prawn Fishing
A041300Line Fishing
A041400Fish Trawling, Seining and Netting
A041900Other Fishing
A042Hunting and Trapping
A042000Hunting and Trapping
A05Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services
A051 Forestry Support Services
A051000Forestry Support Services
A052Agriculture and Fishing Support Services
A052100Cotton Ginning
A052200Shearing Services
A052900Other Agriculture and Fishing Support Services

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