What is a telemarketing list

What is a telemarketing business list?

A telemarketing list is a list of businesses you can use to run a telemarketing campaign by phoning businesses you want to service.

Typically this lists includes at least the company name + phone number. It might also include the name of the right person, address and other information about businesses.

Does it sound like ancient history? Maybe – the truth is telemarketing or cold calling as some refer to it is actually still very effective! It has many advantages which is why it still exists despite a lot of bad press.

First of all you are welcome to pick up an awesome free resource by following this link

Secondly, here are 3 reasons why cold calling is alive and well:

  1. It works, because of the power of human to human communication
  2. It works fast, definitely faster than any other media because you get a result after just 1 call… may be after 2!
  3. It is cost effective because once you have the right list (which we can help you with), all it takes is your time. Need a hand with the script? We can help you there too!

So if you feel it’s you, we can arm you with a great, well targeted list, a script and some coaching/training for better results.

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