What’s an EDM list

What is an Email Marketing (EDM) business list?

A business EDM list is a list of businesses you can use to run an e-mail direct marketing   campaign.

Typically this lists includes at least the company name + email + name of the person and there is a real battle trying to get a personal email address. It might also include some other information about businesses.

Does it sound like an easy way to market? Maybe – the truth is, EDM has it’s challenges.

First you have to comply with the anti-SPAM laws. Secondly people might choose to opt out. Third you have to be computer savvy to set it all up.

Here is the process we highly recommend for you to do if you believe EDM is the best marketing avenue for your business:

  1. Get an email through a personal conversation: a visit, a call (cold calling works best here and we have a team to help you if needed – read more here), a networking meeting, etc
  2. Expect to send multiple emails before an action will take place
  3. Keep calm when people unsubscribe – there is nothing personal in this action.

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