What’s a business list?

A business list is a list of businesses you can use to target for sales and marketing purposes.

Typically the list is an Excel or csv file even though it might originally be stored in some cloud solution, in your CRM, in your accounting system or as a pile of business cards on your table.

You need a business list when you target other businesses with your products and services. And if this is the case you are involved in business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing.

While you might have something that seems to be suitable for everyone, the reality is – you have to target. You absolutely have to understand your prospective customer better and identify at least three key selection criteria:

  1. understand where they are geographically (worldwide is OK as long as you can deliver and service them)
  2. understand if the size of the business by number of staff or by turnover matters and define it
  3. recognise the types of industries these businesses are in. You have to examine if they are businesses at all, because there are public schools, government, not-for-profit, sports clubs  and possibly other entities which are technically not a business, but might be a great target for your business.

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