The One Message To Pay Attention for 2020 Success

Market Size New Zealand:
The Brutal Truth

…And Why This Could Be the Most Important Letter You Read in 2019

From The Desk of Assia Salikhova
Wellington, New Zealand

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Assia here, and I wanted to put pen to paper today as I have a very important message that I have to share with you…

Something that I believe you need to hear as a business owner or entrepreneur as we are rapidly approaching 2020, which had all the promise of becoming a special year.

Think of it as my gift of knowledge for 2020 😉

…I will share 15 years of experience monitoring the state of NZ businesses, growing NZ’s largest business list and share observations which will help you to achieve the greatest success during the next 12 months…

And before you commit to reading any further here is what I am about to share with you:

I want to make it clear that this is not a sales letter 🙂

Rather, it is important information that I want to share with you as we are approaching 2020, which may become a turning point for your business…

To ensure that you are setting your business up for the best chance of success!

This information is as new and as relevant for corporations as it is for young start-ups. I know that for sure, because through consulting and supplying data to 100s of businesses time and again I discover, that the truth about state of NZ market isn’t well understood.

All too often I will see two businesses in the same industry, both have hard working teams…


One has achieved far greater success than the other…

One team scrapes the internet in search for leads, connects with countless great people on social media, only to discover they are not a good fit for business. This team uses multiple assumptions when it comes to financial forecasting and consistently gets it wrong because there is just one number that is not really known to them, while everything depends on it. Generally, they are not in control of future growth.

The other team has a system that brings in new sales week after week. This team has a firm grasp of their target market and its size, and are able to plan their growth consistently.

And do you know the crazy thing?

Generally, the ONLY difference between them is simply the sales approach they have chosen…

The first team chose to grow organically, without a real idea of the actual size of the target market and the opportunity to grow. Not understanding the size of the market is a hard way to grow sales…and probably felt like the EASIER path to take at the time…

Whereas the successful team took the narrow path. The path less traveled.

This path can lead to results coming much quicker that organic growth…all because you are in control of the growth simply by knowing the size of your market.

Just like when I started my own business and chose to target a specific segment.

It wasn’t that I was any smarter, richer, harder-working or more connected than other businesses entrepreneurs…

I just chose the path of market knowledge.

It is this path that I want to tell you about today 🙂

Everyone knows sales is a numbers game. You talk to 10 people. You then sell to 1 or 5 or 8 depending on your skill and the type of product/service you offer. Rinse – repeat.

The critical factor here is to understand what is the size of your market?

What if the size of your market in NZ is 10? Believe it or not, we have industries like that.
Would 1 or 5 sales to this tiny market sustain you and your business?
And would you want to know that there are only 10 businesses in your target market before embracing the launch your start up or new service?

There is one seriously crucial number

…that the majority of entrepreneurs usually guesstimate

Did you know that when you work out the size of your market in New Zealand you have to understand which figures you are using as a source, because not all business counts are created equal?

And when I say business counts, I refer to what you might have come across as the number of Companies registered in Companies Office or data from Statistics NZ…

I’m not suggesting they are not correct. I’m suggesting that without understanding what these figures represent, they are usually not correct for you!

The information and statistics that I am about to share with you will give you some much-needed information to better plan your business development and growth operating with real life numbers…


If you are a business owner and entrepreneur who wants to achieve success in the most direct and straight path then keep reading 😉

Did you know…

Right now, there are over 4,000 new companies registered in New Zealand every month?
And apart from the fact that many won’t survive after 1-3 years, approx. 2,400 of these 4,000 are likely to never be of any interest to any business as potential leads because … there are no extra people or no “businesses” in a traditional sense behind them.

Don’t take my word for it…

You can examine the situation yourself to discover that these 2,400 businesses include

  • Holding Companies: these are entities created by existing companies for some internal reason. These companies are represented by the same people, do not offer anything else and are purely legal entities with no additional presence on the market.
  • Second and third entities: It is quite common for company directors to create additional entities to separate an export division or to introduce a different product line. While there is clear market representation, the truth is – these are mostly the same people and are not new market opportunities from a sales and marketing perspective.
  • Trusts and Property Investment Companies: These are legal entities created for taxation purposes and to structure property ownership. Often one individual might own 2-50 legal entities like that which are created for legal and accounting reasons and do not represent actual market entities because they are all related to a single person or group of individuals

Long story short, no matter how you look at it, the often-used figure of 450,000+ companies registered in New Zealand is full of entities that cannot be counted towards your target market no matter what your niche is…

Guess what? There is no other figure available to size the NZ market. My thinking is … if 60% of newly created companies are not entities of any interest from a sales and marketing perspective, which part of the 450,000+ companies are those we can count on when it comes to forecasting and sales & marketing planning?

So, here is the good news…

You can be in much more control of your destiny, when you embrace the real size of New Zealand market and your niche.

“Woohoo” to that right?!

The scary part is that in my 15 years of keeping up with information about the NZ business market I discovered that there is no clarity about the number of companies present in New Zealand. And the forecasting based on available figures can be 3-10 times higher than the reality of the market.

EVERY SINGLE DAY financial forecasts are created which hold more promise than the market can deliver!

That’s nuts right?!

Are you starting to see the value of actually knowing the size of your market, so you’re no longer fooled by financial forecasts based on unrealistic assumptions?

So, I am writing this to you because I want to make sure you set your business up right to avoid the trap of overinflated financial projections which are truly…


You’ve probably realised by now I’m pretty darned passionate about getting it right when it comes to sizing the market or doing financial forecasting based on market size.

And that’s because I have lived and breathed this through my own personal experience.

Before founding whoiswhere, now NZ’s largest business list, I too was buying marketing lists that weren’t covering the market, gave no indication of which part of the market they represent and were generally misleading because it felt like there is no alternative.

And it kinda sucked 🙁

You see, here’s the problem…

Although I was able to get a list … of say 1,000 businesses with 20+ staff, over half of them turned to be branches of the Warehouse or McDonalds or some other franchise.

In fact, when I first started in business, my very first list was everything the most reputable source at a time had for companies 20+ staff and it was 1,000 businesses between Wellington and Taupo and literally only 441 were head offices of businesses. The rest were … branches or closed business.

Today, in Wellington alone we know head offices of over 1,400 companies and organisations with more than 20 staff.

And after years of research and data maintenance we now have a whopping 94% of all NZ companies with more than 100 staff

Now I get to impact sales results of many businesses who want to go to the top of NZ economy, those who are ready and willing to sell to the largest, or larger enterprises.

All because of a different approach to data based on our focus on knowing as close to 100% of the market as possible 🙂

Now, if having access to real up-to-date data about top NZ businesses is engaging for you, imagine what you can do when you have access to:

  • 94% of companies with 100+ staff
  • 83% of companies with 50-99 staff
  • 76% of companies with 10+ staff
  • Key manufacturers and professional services with 1-9 staff

Long story short…

Having knowledge about the size and the actual players in your target market is GOLD!

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