What is whoiswhere?

What is whoiswhere? whoiswhere is New Zealand’s largest verified business database. It was founded in 2005 when the founders couldn’t find a quality provider of business data for marketing purposes. It all began when they enquired about a list of 1,000 corporates in Wellington. They were given a list that covered the entire lower North Island. Nowadays, whoiswhere can provide this list many times over just for Wellington, a vast improvement.

When the database was first started, the founders had no prior experience with data. So they took a very Kiwi-DIY approach and started walking down the street. They wrote down who-is-where. Thus, whoiswhere was born and the rest is history. 


Since 2005 it’s grown to over 200,000 locations and we keep this data current by using a custom triple verification process. This ensures that we provide data that has almost no duplicates, no closed businesses, and few contacts that have moved from the company.

2020 brought about our biggest challenge as we grappled with Covid and lockdowns that prevented us from continuing our normal business operations. We are proud that our team has managed to work through this and focus on improving other areas of our data. Such as the depth and quality of our industry classifications. Now that we are in the new normal, our verifications are resumed. Our data continues with the high quality we have been known for.


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