Lists of Companies in ANZSIC G Industries

G: Retail Trade

To clarify industry jargon: ANZSIC stands for Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification. The current version in use is ANZSIC 2006.

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Consequently, you’ll need a list of businesses with the ANZSIC classification G. Because this category covers all businesses in Retail Trade.

You can see all the different industries included in G: Retail Trade in the Table below. Explore it and choose the ones you need.

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You can request a list for all kinds of retail businesses.

Some of the most popular lists we supply are:

  • List of Car Dealerships in NZ
  • List of Petrol Stations in NZ
  • List of Supermarkets in NZ
  • List of Hardware Stores in NZ
  • List of Clothing Stores in NZ
  • List of Pharmacies in NZ
  • List of Flower Shops in NZ

While requesting many other lists is typically associated with the need to have head offices only, when it comes to retail the situation is often different.

Often a retail list requires every location in the country.  You have to be mindful about the purpose of your list because every location might be a branch (low level of purchasing power) or a franchise (more purchasing power because it operates as a separate business).

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Why would anyone want to know about every location nationwide or in a region?

Some of the reasons include:

  1. Business location supply for GPS navigation
  2. Offering products that can be re-sold at every location. Most large retailers, even after head office approval of a product require suppliers/wholesalers to approach each location individually.
  3. Targeting local branches with the intent to eventually sell to the head office
  4. Offering local services that are not governed from the head office. Typical examples include:
  • catering
  • cleaning
  • waste collection
  • property repairs and maintenance

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G: Retail Trade

Find out what kind of businesses are included in this category.

When requesting a quote you may indicate specific ANZSIC categories.
G39Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Parts Retailing
G391Motor Vehicle Retailing
G391100Car Retailing
G391200Motor Cycle Retailing
G391300Trailer and Other Motor Vehicle Retailing
G392Motor Vehicle Parts Retailing
G392100Motor Vehicle Parts Retailing
G392200Tyre Retailing
G40Fuel Retailing
G400Fuel Retailing
G400000Fuel Retailing
G41Food Retailing
G411Supermarket and Grocery Stores
G411000Supermarket and Grocery Stores
G412Specialised Food Retailing
G412100Fresh Meat, Fish and Poultry Retailing
G412200Fruit and Vegetable Retailing
G412300Liquor Retailing
G412900Other Specialised Food Retailing
G42Other Store-Based Retailing
G421Furniture, Floor Coverings, Houseware and Textile Goods Retailing
G421100Furniture Retailing
G421200Floor Coverings Retailing
G421300Houseware Retailing
G421400Manchester and Other Textile Goods Retailing
G422Electrical and Electronic Goods Retailing
G422100Electrical, Electronic and Gas Appliance Retailing
G422200Computer and Computer Peripherals Retailing
G422900Other Electrical and Electronic Goods Retailing
G423Hardware, Building and Garden Supplies Retailing
G423100Hardware and Building Supplies Retailing
G423200Garden Supplies Retailing
G424Recreational Goods Retailing
G424100Sport and Camping Equipment Retailing
G424200Entertainment Media Retailing
G424300Toy and Game Retailing
G424400Newspaper and Book Retailing
G424500Marine Equipment Retailing
G425Clothing, Footwear and Personal Accessories Retailing
G425100Clothing Retailing
G425200Footwear Retailing
G425300Watch and Jewellery Retailing
G425900Other Personal Accessories Retailing
G426Department Stores
G426000Department Stores
G427Pharmaceutical and Other Store-Based Retailing
G427100Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Toiletry Goods Retailing
G427200Stationery Goods Retailing
G427300Antique and Used Goods Retailing
G427400Flower Retailing
G427900Other Store-Based Retailing n.e.c.

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