What are Weekly Leads?

Would your business benefit from a stream of new customers?

Whether your business only requires one new customer a month, or a new customer every minute, prospecting is the key business activity that ensures your business succeeds.

Weekly Leads is a smart solution to ensure regular prospecting occurs. Having a list of 25 businesses in your target market delivered to you every Monday morning enables you to focus on prospecting calls.

How it Works

You select (with guidance from us if needed) your target market. This can be specified by three criteria: Location, Number of Staff, and Industry

We then confirm the size of your target market so you know how many weeks you may need the service for.

You subscribe for a 4 week trial. Once it’s working for your business we ask for a 12 month commitment from you. Note, there is a 4-week break around Christmas.

You invest $45+gst every Friday & then you receive a list of 25 leads on Monday morning, simple.

Why You Need Weekly Leads

Sales is just a numbers game, you know that contacting 5 new businesses every day is guaranteed to grow your business. Is that something you want? Then secure this service today.

Stop wasting time reading through newspapers, walking the streets or just thinking about your next prospect.

Start approaching companies in your ideal target market.

Low Cost

$45 a week is an affordable investment for any business.

Easy to Use
Contacting 25 businesses every week is something every business person is able to achieve. 5 calls a day is all it takes.

Results Guaranteed
Sales is a numbers game. Approaching 25 new businesses every week is a guarantees you will get a result sooner or later.

Save your time
We dare you to collect 25 full records of business information at a cost of less than $90+gst. It’s tedious and boring. Save yourself time and hassle, and focus on doing what you do best.

Marketing Novice-Friendly
Don’t know a thing about marketing? With this product you don’t need to. As long as you can pick up the phone and talk about your product, you’re sorted. And if you want to go further we have a suite of marketing tools and tips you can use to up skill.

Accuracy Guaranteed
whoiswhere is the most accurate and verified database in NZ. This is the Rolls Royce of data, so why would you settle for anything less? Oh, and we also guarantee accuracy, check out what this means here.

Low Marketing Budget Friendly
Not everyone has the budget and manpower to engage their full target market, which could be 2,000-5,000 businesses. But everyone can afford to contact 25 businesses every week. It’s simple, it’s effective and it works.

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1-19 Staff
  • 25 Business Records
  • Location of Your Choice
  • Industry of Your Choice
  • Choice of 1-19 Staff Size
20+ Staff
  • 20 Business Records
  • Location of Your Choice
  • Industry of Your Choice
  • Staff Size 20+
  • 50 Business Records
  • Location of Your Choice
  • Industry of Your Choice
  • Staff Size of Your Choice

Note: All prices are excluding GST of 15%