whoiswhereâ„¢ was created by E-ideas Ltd in 2005 when Assia Salikhova was finding it difficult to locate accurate business data to use for clients’ marketing needs. In true kiwi style, Assia made the decision to DIY a database for her clients and this began the whoiswhere journey.
Since then the whoiswhere database has grown to 160,000 businesses with an expected 50,000 more to be added over the course of 2015-16.

The key differentiator of whoiswhere data is the accuracy which is driven by verification of data. whoiswhere aims to deliver data that has been verified in the past 121 days. And some popular lists are verified as often as every 45 days. The whoiswhere database is built from people walking the streets, having a friendly chat over the phone to verify it, and checking details online.

Today the goal of whoiswhere remains the same: to cover close to 100% of businesses located in commercial(including retail) premises nationwide. Rural and home-based businesses are a growing part of the database.

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