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Government, Financial, Insurance and Banking

Often there is a need for very specific targeting. This goes as far as needing to identify the major or all the players in a very specific niche. These projects range from the simple- when a niche matches industry classification. To the complex where a niche is spread over several industries and additional research is required to create the list.

Conference Organisers and Professional Trainers

Utilising the extensive targeting options available with whoiswhere™ data, this industry is able to select very specific companies that fit their target market. This in turn reduces marketing costs to the companies selected and increases the odds of success.

A smart telemarketing campaign that was run for a conference organiser saw a 71% success rate on long term business.

B2B Professional Services - Small Companies

Largely these companies are sole-traders, which means they cannot service 500 businesses at a time. What works better is selecting a small amount from a highly targeted segment, and receiving data in monthly batches.

E-ideas has developed a service specifically for these companies. The service consists of pre-screening companies through telemarketing and delivering only the leads which have expressed interest. This has proved to be a popular option for many consultants because of its affordability and simplicity compared to marketing in-house.

B2B Professional Services - Large Companies

whoiswhere data is a popular choice for many large professional service firms. These firms have the capacity and ability to service the whole market. They are often interested in targeting everyone in a specific industry niche or are focussed on the largest corporates in NZ.

For example an advertising, telecommunication or IT firm may be interested in presenting their services in front of every company with 50+ staff

Another example are legal, finance, insurance firms or industry associations, who want to reach every company in a particular industry or niche. One client required data about trademen who do door & window installations. The depth of whoiswhere data allowed us to fulfill this niche-request.

Finally, accounting and consulting firms may want to approach only companies in locations closest to their offices.

Car Dealerships

Dealers have used whoiswhere™ data to target specific companies with tailored solutions. For example this includes promoting prestige cars to professional service firms, special deals for companies with fleets and offering reliable cars for tradesmen.

This targeting is very easy to do using whoiswhere™ data and we can also help recommend a selection that best fits your specific products.

Industry Organisations

Cleaning and adding missing data/information is a popular choice among these companies. Over time businesses close, or their details change, this can muddy the view of industry nationwide. Which is why the service is greatly appreciated by those who do it. As an additional element to the project we are able to get permission from non-members to email them about upcoming events and industry news.


Many manufacturers have a very specific target market, yet they miss a lot of valuable prospects through ‘organic’ growth. Often  the potential customer base can be small and every additional prospect is highly valuable. Many manufacturers operate using these organically grown lists, and it works very well! But what if as much as 50% of the market is missing? whoiswhere™ data is used to add more to the organic lists to create a complete view of the NZ market and inevitably help to increase sales.

ICT and Telecommunications

Targeting by size of the company and industry is a massive advantage to these companies. This is why ICT and telecommunication companies use whoiswhere™ data for a vast range of projects:

  • Analysis of current customer base
  • Market analysis to assess market potential.  Specifically used to determine target market size for specific offers in order to make a CVP analysis.
  • Fresh leads to make a niche offer

Garages, Restaurants, Gyms, Beauty Salons, and other consumer services

Businesses don’t pop out of the ground. They are started and operated by people. So by thinking outside the box, every consumer-oriented business can grow by approaching businesses too. The ideas are limited only by your imagination. Team lunches, special servicing packages, tailored fitness classes and mobile beauty services. These are just some of the ideas that can be implemented.

Location based geomarketing is very easy to do withwhoiswhere™ data that can be segmented by street or even building.  And in addition E-ideas has experience in creating innovative opportunities in the B2B market for companies which are traditionally B2C.

Wholesalers and Importers

Somewhat similar to manufacturers, these companies tend to rely on organically grown lists. Sadly this still means some are missing as much as 40% of their target market. Recently E-ideas worked with a large multinational supplier to a tight niche and helped them increase their list by 8%. Other smaller companies’ lists have been grown by average of 43%.

Imagine growing your target market by 8-43%. Some will buy immediately and you can slowly convert the others over the time. What would that do to your profitability?