Have a look at the success stories of our clients below. Names of businesses have been changed in some places where sensitive.

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Lead Generation for a Travel Company

The ABC Travel Company had been operating in NZ for many years and over this time it developed a database with thousands of clients and prospects. Their goals for growth demanded to generate new contacts in a cost effective and time efficient manner.

The solution suggested by whoiswhere contained two separate steps:

  1. Cleaning ABC Travel Companies existing data
  2. Adding more data after asking a qualifying question on the phone

Here are summary figures for this exercise in Wellington region:

Data cleaning:

Out of 773 prospects in the Wellington region:

  • 614 (79%) were confirmed as existing businesses
  • 159 (21%) were confirmed as closed, liquidated or merged

Pre-qualifying leads

In the Wellington region, their potential target market was identified as 6,580 companies. 1,708 (26%) of these were already their clients or prospects (after cleaning).

4,872 (74%) were called to ask a prequalifying question. The results were:

  •    302 (6%) of businesses closed
  •    923 (19%) of businesses could not be reached after 3 attempts
  •    652 (14%) of businesses chose to not respond
  • 2,995 (61%) of businesses responded to the qualifying question

Out of the respondents, 1,137 were identified as leads
(37% of all respondents and 23% of the total number of businesses targeted)

Total investment (including cleaning and additional research): $ 4.76 per lead