whoiswhere is New Zealands leading B2B database allowing you to
understand your target market, save time searching for prospects
and grow your business through effective Lead Generation

Accurate data verified every 121 days

Over 160,000 businesses to choose from

Detailed information for better targeting

Smart sales and marketing professionals use the location-based data and B2B lists from whoiswhere for research, target market analysis, prospecting, lead generation, direct marketing and sales. whoiswhere data is owned and managed by E-ideas Limited. 80% of whoiswhere data has been initially collected by walking the streets. All data undergoes a QA verification process, which includes online research and mandatory phone verification.

our advantage

#1 in Accuracy

While 100% accuracy is only a dream, our triple verification process ensures the highest level of accuracy available today. The key to achieving accuracy comes from frequency and robust process. Our robust every 121 days process is unique in southern hemisphere.

#1 in Volume

Since 2005 whoiswhere has grown from 0 to 160,000+ businesses, which makes it the largest commercial database of NZ businesses. With largest collections of businesses in many verticals you can make better marketing decisions knowing close to 100% of your target market.

#1 in Variety

The depth of whoiswhere data is ever-increasing. This allows for more precise targeting. Who else can differentiate between head offices and branches? between male and female business owners? between franchises and independently owned group members?

Location Based

You can target by region, by city, by suburb, by street, or even by building! No other data provider can deliver a  list to these requirements:  Auckland, Newmarket, businesses in buildings with over three stories and more than 50 people on site (across all industries).

which locations do we cover?

Location orientated geo marketing is one of the recent trends in direct marketing. Since 2005 whoiswhere recognised the value of physical business locations. It is the only NZ data set which is focussed on maintaining information about every business in commercial premises.

Do we have 100%? Sadly this is an unreachable goal. But do we have more than anyone else in each location? each street, and every building? Absolutely.

Auckland Region & North 55760 Businesses
Central North Island 50616 Businesses
Wellington Region 16989 Businesses
Canterbury 19242 Businesses
Rest of South Island 16364 Businesses

what size businesses do we have?

Segmentation and targeting are the foundation for direct marketing success. Knowing the size of a business is essential. The turnover of a business is a good indication of size. In New Zealand, businesses are not required to report this. And this is the one figure about businesses which is challenging to collect. Our experience tells us that businesses do not accurately report turnover when asked.

That is why whoiswhere uses number of staff as a proxy. Other contributing factors are number of branches and industry.