Follow Up

Are you leaving $$s on the table?

If you’re not responding to leads in real-time, you could be missing out.

Your lead response time could be the difference between closing a deal and saying goodbye to a prospect forever.

“Contacting potential customers within an hour of receiving a query makes you nearly seven times as likely to qualify the lead.”      Harvard Business Review

Are you missing opportunity to sell more to existing customers?

Have you considered the value of pre-set, on-going email communication to your customers and prospects?  Imagine emails written beforehand to add a personal touch and then sent automatically at important intervals during your sales process to make your customers feel valued.  The options are limitless!

  • As soon as your customer places an order online via your website, schedule an email to thank them for their purchase.
  • Schedule an email to be sent automatically a few days before your customer’s purchase is due to be delivered at their address to ensure someone will be available to receive it.
  • Use an email to remind your customer to provide you with feedback of the product or service they purchased – all done for you!

Simple ideas are the most powerful. This is a simple idea which will save you hours of headaches, and even the guilt of not communicating with your customers.

We are looking forward to telling you all about it, so let’s have a chat.  Within approx. 10 – 15 business days your email communications can be set up, scheduled and ready to go.  You will have 12 months of sales communication set, scheduled and you can spend your time doing what you do best – making that sale!