New Zealand

New Zealand By Location

Understanding the spread of companies geographically is vitally important for business planning, business development and every kind of marketing. There is even a trend in marketing – geomarketing, which requires the support of precise location-based information to function.

Since 2005, whoiswhere has provided access to location-based information about businesses.

We focus on businesses based in commercial premises, with a small % of home based businesses and farms.

Auckland Region
Central North Island
South Island
  • All data is phone verified within the past 121 days
  • Every company has an address, phone, industry, staff number and many have an email + names of a responsible person

Do we have 100% of businesses? Sadly no; and no one does.

The good news is – for the average industry we have 40% more data than other suppliers. And so it’s our great pleasure to be able to support you with a larger selection of data.

New Zealand By Number of Staff

Segmentation and targeting are the foundations for direct marketing success. Knowing the size of a business is essential and while you might be tempted to do it by revenue you’ll quickly discover that NZ businesses aren’t required to report revenue. And as you may appreciate it’s not something owners are willing to share easily with third parties.

1 to 4 staff
5 to 9 staff
10 to 19 staff
20plus staff

As a result whoiswhere uses number of staff as a proxy. Other contributing factors are number of branches and industry.