Since 2017 whoiswhere has supplied data to Kompass

Kompass is a global cloud-based platform that provides information and contact details for 27,000+ of NZ’s top businesses.  These are the potential customers that can help your company get to the next level.

The companies in Kompass represent 74% of businesses with more than 9 staff members nationwide!

Doing business with these companies is a real game changer for sales and marketing professionals like yourself.  Kompass is currently the biggest and most accurate online business data solution in NZ.

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Find out how Kompass data relates to what Statistics NZ has reported in Feb 2018

Number of staffStats NZ Feb 2018Kompass NZ%
10–19 18246985154%
20–49 10332681666%
50–99 3186260582%
100+ 2565239293%

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